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Your Team Networking experience starts with a visit. Choose one of our many DFW area chapters to visit. Just fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you to set up your visit.

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Attend 2 consecutive meetings. You will then need to receive an invitation to continue to visit by a member of the Leadership Team. Before applying for membership you must attend 4 out of 5 consecutive meetings (including the first two meetings).


Bring qualified guests that are not in the same industry as current members. If there is a question of overlapping services please receive approval from the Chapter Leader prior to bringing that guests.


We require that you take time to meet with a minimum number of other chapter members depending on the chapter size (not including the one who invited you) in that four or five week period. You must meet with all of the Chapter Leadership Team in addition to other members. The Chapter Leaders will inform you of the minimum number of One-on-One’s required for membership (it varies by chapter size). The Leadership Team is made up of a Chapter Leader, Co-Leader and a Member Liaison. The purpose of One-on-One’s is to share business ideas, the nature of our businesses and business philosophies. These are very effective and the best way to get to know each other and to discover how we can help one other. Please visit our website under the heading Networking Resources to learn more about One-on-One’s.


In accordance with our bylaws multi-level marketing companies and other membership-oriented organizations are not eligible to attend meetings as guests or membership.


Membership is limited to one per occupation. There can be several people involved within the same industry; however each member would represent one sector of that industry. There may be industries that are broken down into different sectors with separate members representing each sector. Questions regarding this practice should be directed to the Chapter Leader.


Submit your application to the Chapter Leader once the attendance and One-on-One requirements are met. You can complete your application and submit it online.


Members meet once a month to vote on candidates applying for membership. Applications must be received no later than the first member meeting following 8 weeks from the date of the first visit.


Upon being voted into Team Networking by the Membership, New Member fees must be submitted within 15 days. Fees include a one-time Initiation Fee of $200 and Annual Dues of $300 will be pro-rated for the first calendar year. Fees are payable by check, Visa, MC or American Express. Preferred payment is by credit card online. Once fees are paid, new members are added to the website within 10 days.


Solicitation within the group is strictly prohibited. Business conducted between members is encouraged, but is strictly a byproduct of relationships built on respect and integrity.

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