A one-day Business Networking Event for ONLY $45 including lunch.

Team Networking’s 2024 Business Summit

January 11, 8 AM- 1:30 PM @ Maggiano’s Willow Bend

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If you are responsible for sales – then you need to check out Team Networking! No where else in Dallas can you spend only $45 to meet other sales professionals who truly are interested in networking with you to give and receive qualified referrals. Meet Dallas area sales, marketing and business owners who ask “How can we help grow your business today?” Experience a new way to grow your sales using professional business networking strategies. Have conversations with other business leaders, all while listening to award winning speakers on local business, sales strategy ideas, AI and business hacks in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Space is limited.

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2024 Keynote Speaker:

Award-Winning Author & Speaker, Kelli Vrla

“Hit the Re-Set Button”

Road Warrior for Workplace Engagement Kelli V. is on a quest to help busy professionals boost engagement and cut distractions, while keeping an eye on customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Kelli V. has enlightened and “enter-trained” thousands in the U.S., Europe, Asia, North and Central America with her powerful Leadership, Engagement & WOW-NOW Service topics. Kelli shares her lessons and 30 years of experience dealing with DIFFICULT PEOPLE, UNEXPECTED CHALLENGES, and CONSTANT CHANGE.


Other Speakers Include:


Lauren Midgley, MBA

It’s 6 a.m. and I’m Already Behind – Time to Get Caught Up!
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During her session, Lauren will encourage the audience to consider how our time is used each day and whether to make some tweaks to time habits.
She will explore:

  • why we are always feeling behind in our daily tasks and what to do about it
  • 3 ways to keep moving forward by identifying and minimizing common distractions
  • taming the email tiger, where we spend 2-3 hours each workday
  • why work/ life balance is a myth, instead the reality is work/ life choices

Lauren will provide practical, actionable ideas on how to use time effectively, feel less stress, and find greater personal satisfaction.

Summer Jekinek

Reclaiming Your Energy – 3 Powerful Steps for Professionals to Control Their Chaos and Boost Resilience
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Are you running around with a fire extinguisher permanently strapped to your back? Do everyday crises run your life, both at work and at home? Do you find yourself consistently taking care of your clients; your family, your friends and you are left with no time to take care of you?

In this session, we dive into controlling your chaos and managing your energy. Make no mistake; this isn’t your parent’s time management class. It’s an energy management class developed on behalf of and with tired, frustrated, and burned out Professionals like yourselves! If you find yourself drained and drinking far too much coffee, this is the session for you!

By the end of this engaging and informative session, you will:

  • Explore the difference between time management and energy management
  • Discover your “time vacuums” and receive actionable tips on how to turn them off
  • Use effective strategies and resources to prevent fires so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Debbie Mrazek

Sales Is Not As Hard As You Are Making It
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What if your sales worked more like a river that flows smoothly versus working like a fall off a cliff where you bounce off of every jagged rock on the way down? We often struggle with sales HAVING TO BE hard in order to be successful. This could not be farther from the truth. It isn’t easy either but it can be more predictable, less mentally debilitating, less painful and a lot more rewarding.

Please join us as we talk about how to alleviate the pain with a better process and more effective networking to grow our sales.

Chris Bianez, CSP

Property Safety
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If you live in a residence, drive a vehicle, or own a cell phone, they are targets of crime.
In this session, participants learn best practices to safeguard their property and harden
the target against criminals. Topics include protecting your personal property;
significantly reducing the odds your vehicle will be burglarized; and making your
residence more burglar-resistant.

Sheri Fitts

Emotional Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence: A Powerful Alchemy for Success
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We are at a pivotal moment in human history. The tidal wave of technological advancement,
is reshaping our world.

Amidst this transformative change lies opportunities and challenges. The true potential for professionals and leaders lies in building a skill set that embraces both the abilities of Emotional Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence – EQ and AI – an alchemy of sorts.

Just as alchemists endeavored to transform base metals into precious gold, the fusion of EQ and AI in business aims to create a transformative force. This union of human emotion and technological prowess charts a clear direction for professionals amidst an ever-evolving backdrop.

This session will show you specific tools you can use to grow sales in your organization. It will also teach you how to most effectively use AI in your business to enhance productivity, stream line marketing and stay ahead of your competition.



About Team Networking: We’re not just another networking group. We’re a team of business associates who are actively involved in helping each other succeed in business.

Our weekly meetings aren’t sales pitches and tactics, but rather taking the opportunity to genuinely understand what each business in the group can produce for their clients. This way, we can create organic connections that generate qualified leads for one another, instead of simply collecting business cards.

Get your summit ticket now to learn more about Team Networking and what makes our group of businesses different from the rest!

Join us at Maggiano’s Willow Bend

(6001 West Park Blvd Plano, TX 75093)

January 11, 8 am- 1:30 pm
Price with online registration or at the door – $45

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